About the Author

Nastassia is an 18-year-old, older sister of three, TCK living in South Eastern Europe helping her parents pursue their goal of opening privately run group homes for children from hard places.

On top of all that she’s a writer, a musician, a horseback rider, a reader, a music fanatic, and an aspiring beam of light. One day she wants to change the world – for at least one person.

In her spare time when she’s not writing her favorite things to do are practice her mandolin, learn a new recipe, and browse Pintrest for random bursts of inspiration.

In October she plans to start her studies an the American University of Skopje, with the ultimate goal of earning her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Avenger: Loki ;D


Favorite Color: Blue or Purple (it changes from time to time)

What she does when she’s stressed: Bakes cookies – It’s a problem. My family hates me (not really).

Weird thing she loves: Grocery shopping – yeah, I know…